Highest Attaining Primary School in Trafford - Official!

Recently, the Government released the latest national data for primary pupils. It is now possible to compare the performance of schools using the gov.uk website.

The ‘headline’ data used by the Department for Education and Ofsted is the combined figure for achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics at the end of key stage 2.

St Mary’s achieved the highest percentage (97%) in Trafford. Congratulations to all the pupils, parents, staff and governors who have worked so hard to achieve these amazing results.

It is this data which will be used by the media to devise league tables.The Times recently ranked St. Mary's as the top performaing school in Trafford.

When using the newly released data to compare writing, particularly of able pupils and those achieving greater depth, St Mary’s performance is, again, the best in Trafford.

We all know that data will vary from year to year because the children vary from year to year. We also know that some schools have considerably more challenges than others.

This inclusive Christian school, which values all its pupils and their achievements, whether they are in the arts, humanities or sport; has also achieved the highest academic attainment in Trafford.   

Article published: 15th Dec, 2017 Topic: School News