The Importance of Perseverance

Carly Tait is a British athlete who competed at the Paralympic Games in Rio.  She is also a past pupil from Mr. Hitchcock’s first class at St. Mary’s, although he takes no credit for her sporting achievements.  Carly specialises in sprint and middle distance wheelchair racing. She was originally inspired by the recent London Games to take up sport. Carly came back to her old primary school to talk to the children about her journey to Rio as well as the importance of determination and perseverance. The children listened attentively to Carly’s story and key messages. 'Trying your best and never giving up' is one of the school's Golden Choices. Mr. Hitchcock is always telling our pupils how the next amazing academic, artist, musician, scientist, historian, author, sportsperson attends our school right now. Carly is one of many past pupils who have achieved a great deal and a good example to all our pupils. We hope to see her soon.

Article published: 22nd Feb, 2017 Topic: School News