Inspiring Future Careers in Mathematics


We often have speakers from a variety of occupations and professions such as: the emergency services, health professionals, authors, scientists and artists. As well as contributing to pupils’ understanding of the wider world, they are a good introduction to the world of work. When children are considering future careers, we felt that the children’s understanding of the application of mathematics was under represented. As a result we have recently held an ‘Inspiring Futures in Mathematics’ event. Key  Stage 2 children were joined by a variety of volunteer speakers to ‘inspire’ them about the application of mathematics. Our volunteers were drawn from the parental body of the school. The children heard from a physics professor, epidemiologist, accountant, construction project manager, engineering professor and acoustic engineer. We are very grateful to all those who have helped our children’s understanding.

Article published: 24th Feb, 2016 Topic: School News