Our Church, St. Mary Magdalene, Ashton on Mersey

St. Mary’s school has always enjoyed very strong links with the parish church. The Headteacher and Vicar meet regularly to discuss school and church life.

We make good use of our church and include it within our curriculum; visiting to learn more about religious artefacts and symbols, vestments and the history of the building, such as its stained glass.

Themes for worship are jointly developed and members of St. Mary Magdalene clergy lead assemblies once a week. The school also welcomes other Anglican traditions to contribute to worship (The Upper Room, Bible Encounter Trust, Salvation Army and Life Church). The children attend services in our church for Christmas and Easter, and on the final day of each term.

All children are expected to attend Day School Sunday. This is a tradition which dates back to the founding of the school, where the pupils of the Day School (as opposed to the Sunday School) would lead the church service. For that morning, the whole school contributes to the worship through readings and music.