Rewards & Sanctions

At St. Mary's, positive reinforcement based on affection and approval lies at the heart of our relationship with children. Our rewards and sanctions allow children to learn to make good choices and take responsibility for their actions. Our corporate approach aims to exercise fairness and consistency.


Following consultation with School Council the following Golden Choices have been agreed. These choices are discussed regularly with the children and displayed prominently around school.

We make the right choices to …..

  • Serve and CARE FOR EACH OTHER as we want to be cared for.
  • LISTEN TO AND RESPECT each other.
  • KEEP A CALM SCHOOL where we learn and grow.
  • TRY OUR BEST and never give up.
  • TELL THE TRUTH, learn from our mistakes and promise to do better.
  • LOOK AFTER BELONGINGS: our own, other's and our school’s.
  • TAKE PRIDE IN OURSELVES, our efforts and our school


Children who make good choices are rewarded in many ways such as stars, team points, golden tickets, Headteacher's Stars and Effort Certificates. Unwanted choices may be dealt with by the loss of playtimes or privileges. Parents are informed and asked for support when necessary. The school’s Behaviour Policy (incorporating Anti-Bullying and Pastoral Care) sets out in detail our rewards and tiered approach to sanctions.

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